One size fits all, adjustable from 53 cm (20.75 inch) to 61 cm (23.875 inch) head circumference.


To determining your ring size, please buy our ringsizer or go to a jewellery store for measuring your finger.

We make all rings in our workshop to order. The pull down shows the most common sizes – if you miss a certain size or a size inbetween you can write it into the notice field during checkout or contact us via

Watch our Video Tutorial:
> How to measure your finger with our ringsizer > Video


We manufacture all bracelets with a comfortable and casual fit  - not tight, not loose.

To determine your size, place a measuring tape exactly without adding "air" around the wrist and read the value. That's it. We will add enough “air“ for a casual fit.

If the value is 17 cm / 6.7 inch you have Size S.
If the value is 18 cm / 7.1 inch you have Size M.
If the value is 19 cm / 7.5 inch you have Size L.

As you might know it from tailors and shoemakers - we always need the exact measurement but this does not mean that the suit or shoe will be too tight. We only need the exact value as a basis. We will then add enough "extra air" to it to make the bracelet fit comfortable.

If your wrist circumference is not in the list, just write your wished size into the notice field during checkout.

Please notice: It's wrong measure a bracelet you already have! Please measure your wrist!

Watch our Video Tutorials:
> How to measure your wrist with a tape measure > Video
> How to measure your wrist with a cord and a ruler > Video

If you are unsure, we are here to help: +49 (0)40 27 16 69 96 and